"N' Chi Ya Nani (whose land is this?)"

N' Chi Ya Nani (Robert Florczak)

A montage of photos of my "friends" and me, frolicking to the song which played over the opening credits of the motion picture, "Roar", starring Tippi Hedren and melanie Griffith.


There's a fire in the sky in the morning
When the sun is a crimson dawning
And the earth is aglow like a burning ember.
Whose land is this?
This is my land! 
N' Chi Ya Nani

There's a diamond in the sky in the evening
When the fire of the sun is leaving
And it shines on a land that's alive with wonder.
Whose land is this?
This is my land!
N' Chi Ya Nani

See the shadow of the eagle in the sunrise;
Hear the music of the children in the moonrise;
Feel the power of the lion when he roars like thunder.
Whose land is this?
This is my land!
N' Chi Ya Nani

(From the original soundtrack to the motion picture “Roar”)

Lead vocal and guitars: Robert Florczak
Background vocals: Robert Florczak, Rosemary Chavez, Mike Ragogna, and Starpoint
Kalymba: Louis Bellofatto
Bass: Billy Heller
Drum: Rick Witkowski

Recorded at Minot Sound in White Plains, NY
Produced by Terence P. Minogue
©2009 Robert Florczak