As Long As There's A Beat In My Heart


As Long As There's A Beat In My Heart (Robert Florczak)

I don't believe it's over
But I guess our love is slipping away.
It never should have happened
But we both agree it's better this way.

And now
I will miss you, my darling
Everyday we're apart.
And I will never give up on our love
As long as there's a beat in my heart.

It doesn't matter where I go
You know I'll always feel the same.
I'd be there in a minute if I ever heard you calling my name.


I promise you, my darling, 
That one day we're gonna make a new start.
A promise is a promise
And I'll keep it just as long as
I'm there in every beat of your heart.

The cats are in the window
Making shadows in the sun on the floor.
The phonograph is playing 
But the music isn't there anymore.


(From the 1982 album, "Blue November")

Robert Florczak: Vocals, synthesizer, orchestra bells
Louis Bellofatto: Synthesizer
Terence P. Minogue: Synthesizer
Rick Witkowski: Guitars
Billy Heller: Bass
Tico Torres: Drums
Strings: The New York String Ensemble

Recorded at Minot Sound in White Plains, NY
Produced and arranged by Terence P. Minogue
© 2012 Robert Florczak