Gothic (Robert Florczak/Terence P. Minogue)

Fog on the moors.
In a carriage on the bog 
You were riding through the gloom about you;
You were heading for the sea 
To the lover sailing off without you.
Fog on the moors.

Mist on the shore.
You were standing on the lee
In the wind above the ocean churning;
He was leaving on the tide
Knowing he would never be returning.
Mist on the shore.

You would give him all the love
Underneath the sky above.
But he longs to feel the breeze
On the wide and open seas.
Let him sail - he is free.
Damosel, let him be.

Storm on the rise!...
Nuage, Eclair, Orage, Tonnerre,
Tristesse, Des Pleurs, Angoisse, Douleur
Ste. Mere De Dieu, Sauvez Nous!

I would give you all the love
Underneath the sky above.
Turn your bow from Camelot,
Lonely Lady of Shalott.
He is gone - let him be.
Carry on, come to me.

Cruel is the sea.
It is washing him ashore
With the wreckage of the dead and dying.
He is lying in the sand
And he'll never ever hear you crying.
Cruel is the sea.

Cruel is the sea, cruel is the sea.
Come back to me.
O, Sauvez nous!

(From the 1991 album, "Matinee Idyll")

Vocals and guitars by Robert Florczak, with the heavenly sounds of CineMusica (12 Violas, 4 Cellos, Double Bass, Clarinet, English Horn, Bassoon, Contrabass Clarinet, French Horn, Harp, Percussion, Drums, 3 Sopranos, and 3 Altos) 

Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood 
Produced by Terence P. Minogue 
© 2009 Robert Florczak