The Girls I Left Behind

"THE GIRLS I LEFT BEHIND" by Robert Florczak

The Girls I Left Behind (Robert Florczak)

Time is rushing by me like a river to the sea, thoughtlessly passing me
A man now, once a lover-boy without a care.
Now I stare into yesterday.
Try as I may I cannot forget the girls I knew.
I can hear their laughter hiding hearts I broke in two.
And though each year brings love anew it's not unusual to find
That sometimes I miss the girls I left behind.

Summer nights and party lights and walks along a stream--broken dreams.
And these memories of promises all ending in "goodbye,"
Never die, but keep haunting me.
If I had a wishing well for wishing things undone,
Eyes that I made cry: I'd cast a stone for every one.
And if my song could ring apologies for being so unkind
I would sing it for the girls I left behind.

Wonder what I mean to them now, hope they understand
What it was to be so young and want to be a man.
And now the table's turned, a lesson learned, for suddenly I find
That I've just become a guy she's left behind.
And now I think I understand "goodbye."

(From the 1982 album, "Blue November")

Robert Florczak: Vocal and acoustic guitars
Billy Heller: Bass and percussion
Marin Alsop: Violin
Nancy McAlhaney: Violin
Jill Jaffe: Viola
Maxine Neuman: Cello

Recorded at Minot Sound in White Plains, New York
Produced and arranged by Terence P. Minogue

© 2012 by Robert Florczak