"DESPERATELY" by Robert Florczak

Desperately (Robert Florczak)

Desperately, I need you desperately,
And all the stars in heaven couldn't be what you are to me;
You're in my every dream.
And your voice never calls down the shadowy halls to me.

Patiently, I'm waiting patiently,
But time must be a clock without a hand, an hourglass without sand:
It stands as still as you.
And your lips never say should I go-should I stay with you.

Poets have that special way of saying "I love you",
And making it ring true.
I wish that I could too. But....

Hopelessly, I've fallen hopelessly,
And nothing in this world could take the place of your quiet face;
It haunts me endlessly.
And your eyes never see all the longing in me for you.
Only God in the sky knows how desperately I need you.

(From the 1982 album "Blue November")

Robert Florczak: Vocal and guitars
Marin Alsop: Violin
Nancy McAlhaney: Violin
Jill Jaffe: Viola
Maxine Neuman: Cello

Recorded at Minot Sound in White Plains, New York
Produced and arranged by Terence P. Minogue

The Vermeer paintings shown in this video are: "View Of Delft" (c. 1660-61, The Hague), "The Little Street" (c. 1657-58, The Rijksmuseum), "A Girl Asleep" (c. 1657, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art), and "The Girl With The Pearl Earring" (c. 1665, The Hague).
© 2009, Robert Florczak