Desert Suite

Desert Suite (Robert Florczak)

“Arabian Nights”
Desert wind blowing warm and wild
Shifting the sands of my mem’ry
Takes me back to those nights of Araby.
Riding with you over moonlit dunes,
Drinking the cool of your kisses;
Oh, how you’d love me
Those thousand nights of yore.
Love me once more,
Just one night more!
Arabian nights…(Love me once more!)
Arabian nights…(Take me away!)

Through the whispering palace halls
Every story you weave enthralls,
Every tale that you tale must never end, 
In the blush of the morning skies
When the sounds of his sleeping rise
I will steal you away—my life, my love,

“Under the Spell of the Moon”
Thunder waned, clouds withdrew,
Silver beams of moonlight broke through;
And shadows were cast by the ruins on the night we danced
Under the spell of the moon.
Stardust fell everywhere,
Rose and jasmine scented the air.
Something so strange yet so real on the night we kissed
Under the spell of the moon.
Under the spell of the moon
Something was making us swoon.
Nightingales singing while angels were winging us away—
Back to old Baghdad town.
A flying carpet floated us down,
Down through a midnight mirage on the night we loved
Under the spell of the moon.
Will the wild desert wind
Warmly wrap around us again,
Whispering clues to the old Riddle of the Sands—
Under the spell of the moon?

(From the 1991 album, "Matinee Idyll")

Vocals and guitars by Robert Florczak, with the heavenly sounds of CineMusica (12 Violas, 4 Cellos, Double Bass, Clarinet, English Horn, Bassoon, Contrabass Clarinet, French Horn, Harp, Percussion, Drums, 3 Sopranos, and 3 Altos) 

Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood 
Engineered by Tim Boyle and Jeff Goodman
Produced by Terence P. Minogue

© 2012 Robert Florczak