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Robert Florczak was born in Washington, D.C. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Cooper Union in New York City, studying painting under Will Barnet and photography under Gary Winogrand. Florczak was artist-in-residence at Widener University, and taught painting at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, the Laguna College Of Art and Design, and the San Francisco Academy of Art University...

More About the Artist 

Robert Florczak is available for private art tutoring and museum tours. Please inquire through the contact page.

Beauty in a work of art is in its observable application, not in the resultant effect.

There had always been "Impressionist" paintings; they were simply called studies.

Digital "painting" is to art what the cubic zirconia is to gems.

Without universal standards of aesthetics, we can determine neither quality nor inferiority.

In art, what was once the deep and meaningful has been replaced with the new and different.

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